Utrecht Marketing

Utrecht Marketing is committed to promote the region’s cultural offer, to help attract (international) talent and support new companies. Utrecht Marketing promotes Utrecht pride among the residents and plays a more strategic role on themes such as inclusiveness, sustainability and the balance between growth and quality of life. The goal of Utrecht Marketing is to put Utrecht on the international map as a smart, creative, healthy region full of talented people.


Utrecht Marketing collaborates with TripKey on the introduction of the Utrecht Region Pass. TripKey is responsible for the cards, the systems and the service towards users and partners of Utrecht Region Pass. Since 2016, TripKey has facilitated a carefree visit to the Netherlands for thousands of international travellers. Tripkey is a nationally operating service provider focused on sustainable mobility solutions including a unique service that makes the ‘destination Netherlands’ easily accessible.


Mobiliteitsfabriek makes all forms of transport accessible with a single card or app. Organisations can expand their services and ensure that customers or employees can travel from A to B without any worries.