Renting an OV-fiets at a bicycle storage facility

At a bicycle storage facility your Utrecht Region Pass and the barcode on the bicycle key have to be scanned, before you get the bicycle. When you return the bicycle, the employee will scan the key again.
You cannot return the bicycle to a self-service storage facility, if you rented it from a guarded storage facility.  Also, remember to check the opening hours. If you expect to return the bicycle after the storage facility is closed, ask if there is another way to return the bicycle. Often, the facility will have a key box where you can return the key after you have locked up the OV-fiets.

Renting an OV-fiets at a self-service bicycle facility

  1. Insert your Utrecht Region Pass into the card reader or scan your Utrecht Region Pass at the card reader.
  2. The bicycle locker will open when you agree to rent an OV-fiets.
  3. When returning your OV-fiets, insert or scan your Utrecht Region Pass again.
  4. After indicating that you are returning the bicycle, place it in the locker.
  5. You will be asked if the bicycle is in good condition. If that is not the case, you can report the damage or defects, and the OV-fiets will not be rented out to another person until the damage has been repaired.

Rules & regulations

While it may look to you that bikes can be put anywhere, be aware that there are certain spots where it is prohibited. Check the signs! There are some rules that you should know, but keep in mind that not all Dutch cyclists take the rules or traffic lights very seriously, especially in the larger cities. So always be alert. In the Netherlands no helmets are required. To keep everybody happy and safe, always signal where you’re turning by pointing the direction, or down if you’re slowing/stopping in an unexpected place. Be aware that people will pass you on all sides, so practice proactive turn signalling, especially when going left.

Check your bike

Check the tyre pressure and the lights prior to your departure. You can pump up the tyres at the storage area. You can lift or lower the saddle on the OV-fiets using the quick-release lever. You do not need any tools to do this. All OV-fietsen are fitted with puncture-proof tyres. therefore the risk of you getting a puncture in the tyre is reduced considerably. If it does happen, bring the OV-fiets back to the bicycle storage area where you rented it and it will be repaired for free. If you have the puncture repaired by a different bicycle mechanic, then the costs will not be refunded.


Please note: you must pay for the rental bike until the key has been scanned out and the bike has been returned. You are liable for the risk of putting the OV-fiets outside the storage facility. If your OV-fiets or its key are lost or stolen, you should notify us as quickly as possible. In the correspondence, report the OV-fiets number (see bicycle key), the rental location and the date and time when the OV-fiets was stolen.


The rental price of an OV-fiets is € 3.85 per 24 hours. This rate applies for the first 72 hours of rental. The bicycles are always ready to use. If something is not working properly, then you can swap your OV-fiets for another one within 15 minutes at no extra cost. If you would like to return your OV-fiets to a different location than where you rented it, then you will be charged a € 10 fee.