Bus, Tram & Metro

There are extensive city and regional bus lines in the Netherlands. Wherever you are  there are bus services that will take you quickly to most places. The tram is a perfect in the big cities. Easy to get on and off and some sightseeing on the way. The cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam also offer a metro service. For schedule information go to 9292


It takes only 30 minutes to get from Schiphol airport to Utrecht. Railway travel is a comfortable way to get around in the Netherlands. The trains are modern and comfortable. Travelling by train is a perfect way to explore the region and the country. For schedule information go to 9292


Travel like the locals: Rent a bike. It is a quick and healthy way to travel. OV-fiets is a convenient rental bicycle to use either to go sightseeing or for the last leg of your journey, for example to go to a museum or attend a business lunch. You can use your Utrecht Region Pass to rent bicycles from nearly 300 locations. Locations include train stations, bus and metro stops, several town centres and P+R sites. The bicycles are stored in both guarded and unguarded storage areas, or in self-service bicycle lockers or carousels. For more information check our special OV-fiets page.

Remember to check-in and check-out!

Bus & Tram

  • Every time you enter a vehicle you must check-in and every time you leave a vehicle you must check-out.
  • To check-in or check-out, hold your card in front of the card reader. Readers are placed at the entrances and exits of all trams and busses.
  • When you check-in, you will hear one beep. When you check out, you will hear two beeps.

Train & Metro

When you arrive at a train or a metro station, hold your pass in front of the card reader that is built into the gate. The gate will open. You check out in the same way at the station where you exit the train system.


  • Each time you transfer to a different mode of transport (for example from a tram to a bus or a train to the metro), you must always check out the first vehicle and then check in the next one.
  • You must also check out and check in again if you are transferring from a bus to another bus or from a tram to another tram.
  • Exception: if you are transferring from one NS train to another NS train or from one metro to another metro, you only need to check out at the end of your journey.